Food Enhancer:

Nature’s Miracle Fruit has the “miraculous” ability to transform sour tasting (and some bitter) foods into divine sweetness–and hence our name, Sweeten Sour. Grapefruit taste like the sweetest of oranges, strawberries taste like sorbet, and even lemons taste sensationally sweet.
Healthy Lifestyle:
For many of us, we are faced with difficult decisions every single day at every single meal. Should I (and my loved ones) choose to eat something sweet but unhealthy, or something healthy but bland?
We believe that Nature has provided us a very ‘sweet’ solution to this ‘sour’ problem. Because nature’s Miracle Fruit can sweeten sour foods, you can cook desserts without sugar by just adding lemon/lime juice to sweeten the dessert! SweetenSour has bottled up the ‘miracle’ of nature’s Miracle Fruit  into tablet form without artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or additives. Now you can finally satisfy your sweet tooth (and your loved ones) AND eat healthier vegetables and fruits without blowing up your sugar intake!
Weight Loss:
SweetenSour’s tablets have 0% fat, cholesterol, or sugar and is great for dieters and has already been popular in Japan for almost a decade. In and of itself, the Miracle Fruit does not contribute to weight loss. However it is one of nature’s most powerful tools to help us actually change our eating habits to eat more wholesome vegetables and fruits rather than processed foods and sugary drinks. With the Miracle Fruit, you can eat more fruit, vegetables and have no need for sugar. You can sweeten your drinks and desserts with orange and lemon juice instead of sugar!
Research shows that there is no change in sugar levels after consuming Miracle Fruits. Lemons taste like candy, strawberries are sinfully delicious and fruit desserts… mmm! For Sugarfree Recipes click here. If you have a Recipe to recommend, please share.
Chemotherapy and other Patients:

Taste loss is very common during chemotherapy (along with the metallic taste). Get your taste buds back again! About 90% of chemo patients report to have improved their taste with Miracle Fruit products. SweetenSour’s Miracle Fruit will improve your culinary life and if they don’t work for you, we will refund your purchase in full*.

Share the fun!
Throw a Tasting Party of the year. We guarantee people will talk about the wonderful SweetenSour Miracle Fruit experience for weeks!

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